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A Civil Religious Debate

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atypican(4874) pic

Is this statement truthful?

Hidden by the fog of differences in semantics, and taste in metaphors, there is a much greater unity of religious belief among people than is ordinarily percieved.



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Probably Not

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Yes, most religions deal with addressing a need. How that need is fulfilled depends on the religion.

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Universal Unitarianism .

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It's all complicated, too many deities and types of things, ghosts (4 types), denizens (? types, we're one of them), demons (deity and entity types)... and it doesn't even help when you write it all down.

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God is bullshit.

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atypican(4874) Disputed
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God may or may not be bullshit, but that has nothing to do with whether or not this debate's opening statement is true or false.

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