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A Civil Religious Debate

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atypican's Reward Points: 4874

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Intelligence VS Strength
2 High Rated Argument Does age matter when considering intelligence?
1 Created Debate Open source software based AI government
1 Added Argument Respect: Earned or Given?
5 Created Debate If the government controlling a territory denies inhabitants......
3 Created Debate Contest: "Identity Politics"
1 Added Argument Hitler....was he right about anything important?
5 Created Debate Hitler....was he right about anything important?
-1 Downvoted Argument
5 Created Debate When rhetoric is constantly race based, (particularly in pop media)..
1 Added Argument The United States is essentially in an unspoken Civil War
5 Created Debate Do certain races have more right to certain regions of earth?
2 Added Argument Western Cultural Superiority
5 Created Debate Western Cultural Superiority
1 Added Argument Is true knowledge possible?
3 Created Debate Obsession with theater distracts from root issues
1 Added Argument Classes of people can be oppressed, but classes of people cannot be the oppressor.
1 Added Argument Religion acts like a mental disorder.
1 Added Argument Mayweather Vs. McGregor - Boxing Vs. MMA -
1 Added Argument This statement is false
1 Added Argument beastforever gets roasted, join in.
1 Added Argument I've NEVER understood what political correctness IS. I STILL don't. Do you?
4 Added Argument An assault on truth
1 Added Argument Why/Why not eat meat?

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