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RSS ThoughtNu

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Truth is a subjective term. What may be true, here and now may not be a 'truth' there and then. According to who's standard? The 'burden of proof' changes with the query .

Absolute truth is there is no absolute truth, if that can make sense; anything is possible.

3 points

Self improvement, belief and faith aren't dependent on mysticism; they are dependent on psychology . Religion is the worlds oldest form of psychology and self help, because religion use's clear psychological perspectives in their doctrine ; it could not survive without it .The first time in history....psychological doctrine

Early psychologist like jesus and other 'profits' could not make a speech without metaphor.

500 types of Christians ; baptists,pentecostal,Lutheran....from a text that has at last count 16 versions of their core...

Supporting Evidence: 16 variations of the 'bible', 1 religion (
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Winning Position: Yes,its the cornerstone

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