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RSS TheAshman

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1 point

An Atheist is a non belief in God's, an agnostic is someone who does not know if God's exist or not they dont have the blind faith of say a Christian or Muslim but they have not dismissed the idea that a God exist's completely. Neither one is a total rejection of religion (but as I said in another post this is going to be different from person to person)

1 point

I wont pretend to be an expert but there are some Buddhist's who believe in the Supernatural being's and revere Buddha as Godlike, but the other type of Buddhist's dont believe in the Supernatural side of things and their belief is that enlightenment comes from within and that man can only find true enlightenment within himself, as far as I know the "original" Buddha (Buddha just means enlightend one and there have been many throughout history as well as mythical ones) Siddhartha Gotama was more like the second type and this is the type of Buddhist (because they are not Theist's) that Atheist's could be, as far as I know Atheism is just a non belief in Gods not a total rejection of religion (although this view is going to differ from person to person).

2 points

That's alright then I thought for a minute that I had read the title wrong and had posted on the wrong side!!!

4 points

To be honest I did not know what Adeistic meant and all the definitions have described it as Weak Atheism, if that is true then all the Religions you have mentioned are Atheist Religions, should you not be posting on the other side or is it me that has got the side's wrong?

5 points

I was going to go with true on this one but then thought about Paganism as I had met some Pagans who also claimed to be Atheist's because they did not believe the Pagan Gods to be true but metaphors but this could apply to any religion and is tenuous at best. This got me thinking though and Buddhism can be an Athesist Religion some Buddhists believe in supernatural beings that could be described as Gods but there are others that dismiss these beliefs and as Buddhism does not require any belief in Gods I think you could be an Atheist Buddhist

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