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RSS Saurbaby09

Reward Points:50
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2 points

They lets da little girls and da old wrinkly peoples run da non-Liechtenstein country? Holy fecal matters, that ams da crazys! I thinks do solves da problems I coulds just be like "Hey a America, der is da Japan over der!" and den America be like "Japan? Oh wowie! We gonna free da shit out of thems!" and den America nuke da Japan... but it was not Japan at alls, it was da non-Liechtenstein country! My plans is ams goods, ya?

1 point

Ons da sunday when I is ams parts of da Atheist Religions, nope. Ons da days dat aren't the sundays, when I ams part of da Wiccan Religions, yes I believes in da Wiccan gods.

6 points

Alrights, now I'm goings to explains dis i perfectlys clears english, I is ams parts of da Atheist religions ons da sunday, and ons da monday, da tuesday, da wensday, da thursday, da friday and da saturday, I is ams parts of da Wiccan religions... is dis, as dey say, "un-usual" in non-Liechtenstein country?

5 points

I ams an atheist and every sunday in da Liechtenstein country I comes out of my houses (I lives der with my husband, he is ams an ass technician) and den I goes to da atheist church of "der is no christ" then we all bows are heads and den the not-priest says "is der no god?" and den we says "amen der is no god" and den we recieve da flesh and blood of da guy who said "God is ams a fake!" so yeah, da atheism is a religions!

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About Me

"I ams from da Liechtenstein country and I ams ones of da peoples from da Liechtenstein country!"

Biographical Information
Gender: grrrl
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Green Party
Country: Liechtenstein
Religion: Wiccan
Education: Masters

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