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I like that terminology. Yes, all religions can be viewed as a branch of psychology.

But religion has to adapt to the times or else it is viewed as jaded, especially by contemporary youth.

The belief in an afterlife gives the believer hope and makes one want to help others in this life.

The universal myth that my opinions are the only ones that matter.

Taking the blame for a mistake makes a person a strong human being.

To love one another as thyself is the main criteria for being a Christian.

A person is going to believe what he or she wants to believe.

Yes. There would be no religious differences and no wars would be fought over religion.

It is all in the mind of the beholder. If someone chooses to believe in one God, he or she is confident in that decision.

There are some atheists who would like to see their way of life recognized as a religion.

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"I don't use profanity toward other CD members nor name calling. I don't block anyone from a Debate."

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