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A Civil Religious Debate

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 How Christians know Heaven is real? (12)

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How Christians know Heaven is real?

So, christians obviously look forward to their time in heaven. 

But how do they know it's real?

It's not like they can ask their deceased relatives what its like up there.

And its not like god is always telling mortal men how great it is

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And its not like god is always telling mortal men how great it is

Actually, He does this very thing. He says things like we will meet Him in paradise and that those who believe will be rewarded in the afterlife and that He has prepared for us things that we cannot even begin to imagine.

Kite626(714) Clarified
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He doesn't say that, a mortal being wrote that. How do you know we will meet him lolzor... (pun intended.)

lolzors93(3225) Disputed
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The Bible is the Word of God.

FleshEaterUK(34) Disputed
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I mean: has he ever told specifically YOU how great heaven is? Or even anyone you know?

Srom(12206) Disputed
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He actually did tell how great heaven is in the Bible and when He was on this earth telling his disciples about heaven as well and how to get into it.

Well, being a Christian pretty much inherently requires that the Bible be treated as The word of God, and either entirely factual, or a mix of metaphors intended to teach and that which is factual.

Christians know Heaven is real because they are Christians. If they did not, then they pretty much wouldn't be- by definition.

If a Christian believes there is a Heaven, then no one can convince him that Heaven is not for real.